Octopus Software

The Octopus reconstruction package was initially developed for the reconstruction of parallel beam neutron tomography data, and has since evolved to one of the most versatile and performing packages for the processing of tomography data acquired in almost any geometry.

Octopus provides an intuitive interface, an extensive Software Development Kit and high performance routines on various hardware configurations. Combined with unique features such as single slice evaluation, allowing to tune the reconstruction parameters without processing the complete volume, Octopus is an ideal solution for both novice and advanced users

Scanner independent

Octopus is designed to accept input data from various data sources and scanning geometries. Whether you acquire your data at a synchrotron, neutron or X-ray tube set-up, Octopus provides a high performance and flexible solution for your data sets.

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High performance

Optimal reconstruction performance is achieved on a single desktop computer, on a cluster of dedicated reconstruction nodes or on a graphical processing unit. The user can tailor the hardware configuration to his specific needs without complex set-up procedures.

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Efficient memory usage

Octopus reduces the amount of required RAM memory for each scan geometry without compromising performance. Combined with our native 64-bit version this allows to reconstruct large datasets of more than 2K³ on a standard desktop computer.

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Powerful and flexible

With both an intuitive interface and a flexible Software Development Kit, Octopus is suited for both novel and advanced users and is written from the point of view of a typical user of a tomography set-up.

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